To become the leading integrated konjac manufacturer in Indonesia especially, in farming, trading, research and processing.


  • To produce high quality konjac products that meet domestic and international standard
  • To achive the mutual benefit within stakeholder



The company is a place for people with same beliefs and work ethics. This holds true not to just founders, shareholders, but also to its all employees, suppliers, clients, as well as society in general.


Growing at steady rate, the company is on a fast-paced yet secure route to success. There is no limitation to develop together towards better future.


The company provides security as a reliable partner for both suppliers and customers. The heart of its business relies on the work and dedication of the people.


  • KONJAC is a 100% NATURAL ORIGIN PRODUCT that is high in fiber.
  • Konjac is made mostly of Glucomannan.
  • Konjac contains more than ten kinds of amino acid required by human body, microelement and unsaturated fatty acid.
  • Konjac is proven to help resisting tumor, lowering blood pressure & blood sugar, and aiding in losing weight.
  • Konjac is used as a gelatin substitute and to thicken or add texture to foods, like ad a tickener, stabilizer, gelling agent, and water retention agent.
  • Konjac is recommended by WHO as one of the healthiest food for human baing in 21st century.